Shannon May, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate

Shannon May bio:

Shannon has a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience with a specialization in Biochemistry from the University of Rhode Island where she researched in the labs of Dr. Jodi Camberg, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology and Dr. Nasser Zawia, Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. As a graduate student, Shannon researched protein misfolding in Alzheimer’s disease and focused on understanding the role of AAA+ chaperone protein interactions with misfolded proteins, aggregated proteins, and amyloids. Currently, Shannon is researching stem cell dynamics in the ventricular-subventricular zone neural stem cell niche and investigating the effects of ventricular enlargement and hydrocephalus on neural stem cell-mediated repair mechanisms, proliferation, and differentiation in the ventricular-subventricular zone niche.

Awards: Graduate Student Fellowship, George and Anne Ryan Institute for Neuroscience, University of Rhode Island; Enhancement of Graduate Research Award (EGRA) Grant, University of Rhode Island; Poster Prize at the Rhode Island Alzheimer’s Association Conference, 2015

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