Concussion Tracking

CT2 is an application (app) developed in the Conover/Demurjian labs which is intended to monitor and provide data relating to concussions of high school student athletes with the goal of developing an outcomes-based probabilistic model for mild traumatic brain injury recovery and treatment.


Use of the app allows for the direct transfer of information from a coach, athletic trainer, or nurse to a physician.

  • This diagnostic aid provides a wealth of information that facilitates rapid care and diagnosis, contributing to well-informed return-to-learn and return-to-play decisions.
  • Additionally, the anonymized data from this application is analyzed by machine learning algorithms for patterns in symptomology that translate to outcome patterns and recovery trajectories of student athletes.
  • This will facilitate preemptive care for concussed athletes, and improve the quality and coordination of care across all healthcare providers involved in treating a concussed athlete.
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