Our research focuses on developmental neurobiology and stem cell biology with an emphasis on understanding neural stem cell distribution, maintenance, and function in the brain as well as applications of stem cell biology in the treatment of Hydrocephalus and other developmental disorders.


Previously, one program in the Conover laboratory involved whole brain, cellular and subcellular imaging techniques to assess the damage following repeated traumatic brain injury, the type of injury that develops following several concussive head injuries.




Figure 1: Development of the adult V-SVZ from embryonic neuroepithelium and associated corticogenesis. Repesentative ages are embryonic day (E)11.5 (Neuroepithelium); E15.5; postnatal day (P)2 (neonate); and P56 (Adult). VZ: ventricular zone; MZ: marginal zone; CP: cortical plate; V-SVZ: ventricular-subventricular zone.
Figure 2: 3D modeling & lateral ventricle (LV) volume measurements. (A) LV differences in controls and mice with scarred LV walls. (B) Representative contour tracings of LVs and total brain. (C) Volume measurements (* P<0.05). (D, E) Representative MRI based 3D LV reconstructions and longitudinal data show age-related human LV expansion.

Current Areas of Research